OGG-video has the "SUPER-MAJORITY"
of HTML5 web browser playback support.

Kylo TV browser

Internet Explorer with Chrome Frame

Chromium Browser (Windows)

Opera Browser (video playback version)

Seamonkey Browser (Windows)

Chrome Browser (Windows)

Firefox Browser (Windows)

Firefox Browser (Linux)

Opera Browser Linux (video playback version)

SeaMonkey Browser (Linux)

Chrome Browser (Linux)

And even Safari (with Xiph QT OGGcodecs installed)

And even more!

With, I see 12+ browsers with HTML5 video:

Kylo (OGG)
Firefox (OGG)
Swiftfox (OGG)
IceCat (OGG)
SeaMonkey (OGG)
Opera video (OGG on Windows/GStreamer on Linux)
Google Chrome (OGG + H.264)
Google Chrome Frame (OGG + H.264)
Google Chromium (OGG)
Arora (video version) (OGG)
Midori (video version) (OGG)
Safari (H.264) (add XiphQT OGGcodecs for OGG sites)
Epiphany (with GStreamer on Linux)
Origyn Web Browserv 1.7 (w/FFmpeg on AmigaOS or Echostar)

Chrome OS (OGG + H.264)
Chromium OS (OGG)
Silverlight HTML5, OGG rich media plug-in for IE
Flock HTML5 (later in 2010)

And even more!

Real/Helix player plug-in
Ouicktime browser plug-in (with XiphQT OGGcodecs installed)
VLC video, browser plug-in on Windows, Linux, and UNIX
MPlayer video, browser plug-in on Linux
SMPlayer on Linux and Windows embed video plays directly on:

Konqueror browser on KDE 3.5 with KMPlayer(Linux/UNIX)
Konqueror browser on KDE 4, with Dragon Player ''
Ubuntu, with Totem browser plug-in
Solaris, with Totem browser plug-in
BSD UNIX, with Totem browser plug-in

With all of this support, we need to be building the new TV
stations of the future, instead of concentrating on less.

Gecko MPlayer plug-in on Opera Linux

Konqueror (KDE with KMPlayer embed plug-in)

Konqueror (KDE with Dragon Player embed plug-in)

VLC plug-in on IE, With Chrome Frame (Windows)

VLC plug-in on Flock Browser (Windows)

VLC plug-in on Midori Browser (Linux)

VLC plug-in on Safari Browser (Windows)

VLC plug-in on Arora Browser (Windows)

OGG-audio/video, is in the majority of HTML5 web browser support,
it is in a very strong situation, to play along other streaming formats.



Basically OGG-video is ready for Prime-Time on the web.

And now it is sharper and better with the Thusnelda encoder.

OGG-video has great quality!  and we can clean-up the bad
uploads with old poor quality, by using MEncoder's hqdn3d,
for poor quality (rare) Flash videos, such as the one below.

Earlier MEncoder hqdn3d smoothed pass, unfortunately this Flash
video had very poor quality, like a number of rare video uploads. will have a custom, first pass smoothing, in order
to achieve the best video quality, for better Theora streaming videos.

MEncoder hqdn3d settings like 18:4:18 or stronger settings to smooth
old, low bitrate Flash videos, from early YouTube or other copies.

OGG-video encoding, can read from a adaptive, preemptive temporal
enhanced file, to fix poor quality uploads for even better quality.
(smoothing bad Flash, etc... video files, with MEncoder, before encoding
with the new Thusnelda OGG encoder)

This takes a extra specifically designed, ultra high resolution/bitrate
MEncoder pass, to smooth bad Flash copies, before Theora conversion. has custom scripts and audio processing, to take
advantage of the 48khz digital sampling rate with audio. We can have
fantastic, clear stereo sound on ALL videos., can have a direct connection to the White House!

The U.S. Government will have to accept, OGG-video is in the MAJORITY,
of HTML5 web browser support, and it is viable for a Obama channel!

Obama will have to install Firefox 3.6 on his Mac, and get with the new
HTML5-TV technologies being created, with open-source OGG-video!


All of us can build, into a open-source flagship for
Everyone to invest and participate.

I want it to be managed by open-source people, so I can step-down,
and design the next framework, which is a exotic mobile to HD design.

And work with open-source programmers, on building the channels., will NEVER have explicit and Adult material,
it will have educational and science videos, and I do-not want
it to be connected in any way, to Adult material.

I want open-source programmers to feel comfortable with a video
service, which they can stop, and control unacceptable content.

(we have to build this one the right-way, as a positive TV service)

We have a "clean-slate" to work with, and the best dot-com names, to have
under it:

We have the chance for open-source groups, to build the next flagship
IPTV service on the web, for all platforms and devices.

PLUS and, have their own IPTV Linux Distros.



Something YouTube and the others, still do-not have (starting in early 2009),
until the android based, GoogleTV distro is available.

I know I have started a company, with very high potental,
so it is time to hand-over the management responsibility
to open-source groups, who can take it in a positive direction.

And since "" sold for 5.4 Billion in 2000,
is the perfect name for the OGG-video format.

With OGG-video in the "drivers-seat" with HTML5-TV, plus a new
group of OGG based multimedia services, we have a great situation.

We have better technology on the web now, than the 5.4 billion dollar, and open-source programmers, and investors can
invest, and manage it. is two years old, now is the time to build upon it.

email me at

William Lacy